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We are proudly the Official UK Distributer of Weihrauch air rifles and pistols - however we are trade only.

For any of the following enquiries please resort to your local Weihrauch stockist who can contact us directly:

  • How old is my rifle?
  • Is my rifle still under warranty?
  • I have a problem with the pressure / accuracy / performance.
  • Can you tell the price of a rifle?

Here’s a few questions and answers that may help . . . . . . .

Where can I buy a Weihrauch airgun?

Click on the link below to find your nearest stockist.

How long is the Weihrauch warranty?

Weihrauch UK 1 year warranty through Official UK Importer Hull Cartridge Company

Weihrauch air guns have an unrivalled German build quality and will provide years of trusty service. How often your gun will need a service will depend largely on how often you use it, on average we would suggest around every 4 years.

From the day of purchase all Weihrauch air guns and pistols come with a one year warranty. This warranty is transferable if resold within the year. A warranty is only guaranteed if the air gun has Hull Cartridge stamped onto the barrel.

If you think your air gun / pistol is in need of repair please return it to the shop you purchased it from, who will then return it to Hull Cartridge Company on your behalf. All functional faults are covered under the one year warranty and will be serviced by our Weihrauch trained gunsmiths – the only Weihrauch trained gunsmiths in the UK.

Problems due to miss-use will not be covered under warranty. These may include tampering, stripping the gun in an attempt to modify it and stock damage due to accidental dropping. Failure to wipe down the blueing after use could result in rust, this would not be covered under the warranty. The fitting of non Weihrauch parts negates the warranty.

When sending your gun to be serviced or repaired please return the full set up, i.e including scopes and moderators. This results in a more complete examination. Please also provide as much detail as possible to help us rectify the problem.

If your warranty has expired, we still carry out full services and repairs which are invoiced via your gun shop. A quote can be prepared if necessary.

Before leaving the Weihrauch factory in Germany, all UK full powered air rifles are calibrated and chronograhed using Weihrauch FT Exact pellets to 11.5 ft Ibs. If testing your rifle at home, ammunition variances will affect your power results. A reading of 11 ft Ibs. or above is considered a satisfactory power level and does not warrant adjustment.

Can I come to Hull Cartridge Company for air rifle Servicing?

Unfortunately we are not open to the public. Please take your airgun to any Weihrauch stockist who will send it to us on your behalf.

Can I buy an airgun direct from Hull Cartridge Company?

If you are a registered RFD and would like to open a trade account with us, please click on the link below and fill out the Trade Application Form. If you are a member of the public please visit a stockist to make your purchase.

Can I pick a specific stock colour?

Due to us importing the guns from Germany we cannot adhere to requests for specific light or dark shades of wood.

How do you clean out a barrel of an airgun?

For tricks and tips please visit our ‘Support and Manuals’ page – link below.

What is a carbine Air rifle?

Carbine refers to the length of the barrel and means it is a shorter version of the full length airgun barrel. Because the Weihrauch brand is German, it is spelt Karbine (K). The benefit of the shorter barrel is that the gun is smaller, lighter and handier to point. In the pre-charged HW100 & HW110 range the full length barrels are 410mm and any ‘K’ model has a 310mm barrel length.

What is a Gas Ram Rifle?

In a gas ram air rifle the conventional main spring which is found in spring piston airguns in replaced with a contained chamber of gas.
When the rifle is cocked the piston is drawn back which compresses the sealed chamber of gas. On firing, the gas expands rapidly, pushing the piston forwards, in turn, compressing the air in front of it to propel the pellet in the normal way.
When fired the shooter will feel less resonance and more controlled recoil as there is no spring.

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

PCP stands for Pre-Charged Pneumatic, which describes the action used within the gun to fire the pellets. PCP rifles have a built in air cylinder which stores compressed air. Once air cylinder is adequately filled a short burst of compressed air is released when the trigger has been pulled that travels up the barrel, pushing the pellet in front of it. Each time the gun is fired, the pressure and volume of air in the tank is reduced slightly.

All Weihrauch PCP’s in the HW100 and HW110 range have a stainless steel detachable air cylinder with quick fill valve and integral pressure gauge.

Shots per Fill:
Full Length Models - .22 calibre = 140 shots, .177 calibre = 110 shots
Karbine models - .22 calibre = 75 shots, .177 calibre = 50 shots